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予約 +Cienta+ Velour Velcro Mary Jane model 500 - black

予約 +Cienta+ Velour Velcro Mary Jane model 500 - black

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Spanish shoe brand Cienta.

Velor Mary Jane Black essential for autumn and winter

(The official model drawing may be in other colors. The silhouette is shown for reference only.)

In the manufacturing process, rubber may adhere to the fabric and the velor may be messy.

The packaging will be vinyl. Please note that the corners of the included box may be crushed before purchasing.

European brands generally tend to be narrower and thinner than Japanese manufacturers, just like adult brands. Please compare the actual size below with the actual size of your shoes.

In the manufacturing process (vulcanized manufacturing method), the sole used is a mixture of natural rubber and fragrance material, so the shoes themselves smell good.
The insole (insole) can be put in and taken out.
Accessories: box

The following Japanese sizes are the Japanese sizes determined by the Japanese agency . The number on the right side of the length of the insole is the number measured by our store. Please note that we cannot accept returns, exchanges, or refunds if the size does not fit.

Please check the size chart below and the description of the size from personal buying experience at this link .

Items of the same type are measured only in one color, so please understand individual differences.

official size Japanese size insole length outsole length Outsole width
twenty three 14cm 14.3cm 15cm 6.3cm
twenty four 14.5cm 15cm 16cm 6.5cm
twenty five 15cm 16cm 16.5cm 6.5cm
26 16cm 16.5cm 17cm 6.7cm
27 16.5cm 17cm 18cm 6.8cm
28 17cm 18cm 18.5cm 7 cm
29 18cm 18.5cm 19cm 7.2cm
30 18.5cm 19.2cm 20cm 7.3cm
31 19cm 20cm 20.5cm 7.5cm
32 20cm 20.5cm 21cm 7.7cm
33 20.5cm 21cm 22cm 7.7cm
34 21cm 22cm 22.5cm 8cm
35 22cm 22cm 23cm 8cm

Please be sure to read this before shopping as there is a description of important matters regarding shipping.

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