//Hello Simone // Sweety Sweatshirt
//Hello Simone // Sweety Sweatshirt

//Hello Simone // Sweety Sweatshirt

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Continuing from the summer, the green floral pattern brushed back keeps you warm.
There are skirts and sweatpants with the same pattern, and corduroy pants with different colors.
Definitely a staple of the season.

100% organic cotton

* A feeling of size
I was around 130cm and had a solid figure that wasn't overweight, so I thought that 8y or 10y would be fine. I seriously thought about which one to buy, but I didn't get an answer. 8y is just the right size for Simone World, not too tight, so you can wear it beautifully. 10y is a good size if you want to wear it oversized. However, the sleeves are slightly longer.

Manufacturer size guide (height)
4y: 102cm
6y: 114cm
8y: 126cm
10y: 138cm
12y: 150cm

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