+Kalinka+ Cordelia collar - Rust
+Kalinka+ Cordelia collar - Rust
+Kalinka+ Cordelia collar - Rust
+Kalinka+ Cordelia collar - Rust

+Kalinka+ Cordelia collar - Rust

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A convenient collar that will instantly become the face of the year.

One size (collar width 11cm)

It can be worn by a 9-year-old daughter (larger than a 10-year-old child), so I think it depends on the body shape, but it is a size that can be used up to about 9-10 years old.

This is a sales page for one Cordelia collar - Rust instead of a set sale.

Other colors are reference images.

I think that there is almost no individual difference depending on the color of this model number.

Please purchase after understanding the characteristics of hand knitting.

100% Merino Wool Hand-knitted in Bulgaria

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