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+WOVENPLAY+ Mermaid Tee - Shell

+WOVENPLAY+ Mermaid Tee - Shell

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A short-sleeved cut and sewn mermaid that is too loose.

Dark green paint on beige (The official image has a color close to the real thing.)

There are imperfections due to hand dyeing and handwriting. The stitches are flying due to washing. There may be people who misunderstand that the imperfections that occur in the dyeing process, such as flying dyes and scratches, which are unique to manual work, are defective products. Please enjoy it as a unique feature. There are individual differences in the appearance and unevenness of the color depending on the dyeing condition. Please be aware in advance if you are going to wear them together.

100% cotton

Actual size: shoulder width/armpit width/total length





10: 30/37/49cm

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