+WOVENPLAY+ Witch Cape
+WOVENPLAY+ Witch Cape
+WOVENPLAY+ Witch Cape
+WOVENPLAY+ Witch Cape
+WOVENPLAY+ Witch Cape

+WOVENPLAY+ Witch Cape

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A niche witch cape. Because it is made of 100% cotton, you can easily put it on without exaggerating.

The first image is an official reference image. The actual item is the 2nd and 3rd pieces, and the pattern you receive is the 2nd and 3rd pieces.

There are imperfections due to hand dyeing and handwriting. The stitches are flying due to washing. There may be people who misunderstand that the imperfections that occur in the dyeing process, such as flying dyes and scratches, which are unique to manual work, are defective products. Please enjoy it as a unique feature.

Actual size: total length

3: about 34.5

4/5: about 38

6: about 42cm

The last image is the size notation of the brand. Since the measurements are in inches, multiply the displayed number by 2.5 to get an approximate centimeter value. In addition, it is not the size of the clothes, but the actual body size of the child.

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