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Wunderkin Co.

+Wunderkin Co.+ Extra Clip Card (cannot be purchased separately)

+Wunderkin Co.+ Extra Clip Card (cannot be purchased separately)

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If you purchase a Wunderkin Co. hair clip and need an extra one for a gift, you can purchase one here.

Flower, Bar, Scallop, and Heart hair clips come with 6 pieces and 1 mount. Please check the number of your order and purchase from here only if there is not enough.

Example 1: If you purchase 6 or less, we will ship them in one mount.

Example 2: If you purchase 7 pieces, we will separate them into 2 pieces and ship them together.

A piece of backing paper is always included with the hair clip, but if you see the above example and don't have enough for a gift, please order this page.

You cannot purchase this item alone, so be sure to add it to your cart at the same time as the hair clip.

If you order more mounts than the number of hair clips, we will cancel the excess.

If you choose mail delivery when purchasing the hair clip, it will be shipped in a cushioned envelope.

Corners may be bent. Even in such cases, refunds, returns, exchanges, and complaints cannot be accepted.

Single item purchases will be cancelled.

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