Things you should definitely do when autumn comes Aviation edition and now

I thought it was finally autumn🥹, but when I got tired of the summer-like weather again, the real autumn finally came🍂

I love autumn🍠🍠

I like not only food but also climate and fashion.

Autumn reminds me of a typhoon that the aviation industry cannot avoid🌀

In autumn, I became extremely sensitive to the occurrence and course of typhoons, and spent days gathering information on TV and the Internet.

In aviation, speaking of Japan, the typhoon in Okinawa was threatening our Kansai flight, so September and October were a crucial moment.

So when I went on a staff travel trip to Okinawa in September and October, it was like, "Do you really understand? Did you think you'd be able to come back?" There is actually a child who can't come home... This is not an angry conversation in Osaka, it's a normal conversation.

Of course, even on flights returning from overseas, we decide to delay or cancel flights to avoid typhoons near Japan, so I often feel sorry for you. Delays and cancellations due to weather are force majeure, so there is no compensation. There is also a brave company that doesn't care about danger, ○○ Airways is flying! It's a translation, it's a cheek ✈︎

(I'm flying! The old man is angry 🤣 And I'm not scared even if I say this, I'm a normal Osaka person. At least I'm 🤣)

For the relatively dry Germanic style, you can get through to the foreign dry style, saying, "It can't be helped because of the weather." is.

I like the industry, but I feel like my life expectancy has probably shortened ㊙️ lol

Aside from the story, I get through the outerwear in spring and autumn every year by cheating, but last year I bought a mouton jacket in winter, and I liked it, but when it gets a little warmer, it's embarrassing.

Mouton is personally embarrassed in March even if the temperature doesn't change much.

I was in a lot of trouble.

Next year! I was enthusiastic about it, but I couldn't think of seriously looking for a secondary outerwear that wasn't the main one, and autumn has finally come🌾

I'm basically sensitive to heat, so I'm wondering if it's the same experience as my child, but I'm really worried about suddenly wearing a thick sweatshirt. The blazing sun during the day is too harsh.

So right now, I want a cardigan☝🏻

If you wear it over a long T-shirt or a thin sweatshirt that is not brushed on the back, you can control the temperature. If it's hot, you can take it off and it's limited to this! And now I'm desperately looking for it.

Click here for slow.

Pink and blue cotton candy cardigan from LONGLIVETHEQUEEN.

The fluffy texture and color are exactly cotton candy 🍭 I named it myself.

Sizes range from 4y to 16y, so you can match it with your mom or have a different color link.

Click here for more cardigans.

Will my search for card ever come to an end? . . 😂