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Things you should definitely do when autumn comes Aviation edition and now

I thought it was finally autumn🥹, but when I got tired of the summer-like weather again, the real autumn finally came🍂 I love autumn🍠🍠 I like not only food but also climate and fashion. Autumn reminds me of a typhoon that the aviation industry cannot avoid🌀 In autumn, I became extremely sensitive to the occurrence and course of typhoons, and spent days gathering information on TV and the Internet. In aviation, speaking of Japan, the typhoon in Okinawa was threatening our Kansai flight, so September and October were a crucial moment. So when I went on a staff travel trip to Okinawa in September and October, it was like, "Do you really understand? Did you think you'd be able to...

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Why slow. Sells Cienta Velcro Strap Shoes

This is the first time I've tweeted about the items I handle here. Today about Cienta's Velcro strap shoes. The owner of slow. has quite a peculiar taste, so why is he handling the popular Cienta? Isn't it a lot of people who thought? Certainly, Cienta is not the image of slow.🙊 But I always wanted to handle it🙈 When my daughter was very young, I had an irregular full-time job. I liked overseas children's clothes, but I was worried that there were no shoes. ← I still worry. Fashionable kids on Instagram seen on the train on the way home after the flight was delayed.....👀 Where are these nice shoes with a mature silhouette from? ? That's what I...

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