Please read before purchasing

Slow. items are selected from overseas.

Even European brands have rough seams, threads that are not as neat as made in Japan, ink splatters, and fabric scratches.
We will not respond to complaints or refunds such as dislike sewing or scratches.

Because we use a platform with enhanced security, we may cancel your order without your consent if it is caught in the filter.

[Regarding the delivery address and name]
Please enter all Japanese addresses and names in Japanese. Even if you search for foreign language notation, you may not be able to find Japanese notation and delivery may not be possible.
If you are a foreign customer and your name is written in alphabet, please leave it as it is and enter your address in Japanese as much as possible. If you place an order with the wrong address and it is returned to us, you will be required to pay the extra shipping fee.

For special permanent resident customers, there is no problem even if the name is the same as the name on the credit card, even if it is a Japanese name or a common name.

[Regarding receipts, statements of delivery, and bills of use]
Not issued.

The order confirmation email sent at the time of payment will be the purchase statement, and for credit card payments, the usage statement of the credit card company with which the customer has a contract will be the receipt. We cannot enclose a statement of delivery or usage statement.

It will be an official receipt under the accounting regulations recognized by the tax office.

[Regarding cancellation]
After completing an order on the web store, we do not accept cancellation requests for any reason whatsoever. We do not accept it for reasons such as being in a hurry and making a mistake, or a child getting in the way and pressing the wrong button.

We cannot accept cancellations or changes after the payment has been completed, even immediately after the payment has been made.

[Regarding returns and refunds]

We do not accept returns unless the product has obvious defects. In addition, sale items are not eligible for returns, refunds, or exchanges under any circumstances.

Due to hygienic issues, inner items such as underwear, swimwear, and socks cannot be returned even if they are regular price items.

If there is a defect in the regular price product or if a different product arrives, please attach an image and contact us by email other than mobile phone email within 3 days including the arrival date of the product. Returns without prior contact will not be accepted.

We will not be able to respond after the 3rd day.

Please arrange for the returned item to arrive at our shop within 7 days including the arrival date after the item arrives at the address specified by the customer. After that, we will not accept or refund.

In addition, to prevent fraud , we will refund the amount after the returned package arrives at our store.

All orders are recorded by image or video recording at the time of packing, as there is an obvious fraud if the item that should have been ordered is not included. We will take firm action against any fraudulent activity.

[About delivery]

We will ship within 7 days after payment.
We do not ship same day.
If you are in a hurry, please contact us "before purchase" , not after purchase.

Even if there is a request that you are in a hurry after purchase, we will not be able to respond. If you contact us in advance, and if you choose courier service, we will do our best to ensure that your order arrives on the desired date and time.

In the case of separate payment (order number is different), the same packing is possible, but the shipping fee cannot be refunded.
Even if you pay separately, we may bundle the items without contacting you.

*We cannot accept cancellation procedures even if the package is returned to our store due to a long absence or refusal to receive it. If the extra shipping fee is not paid within 3 days after the package arrives at our store, the transaction will be terminated without refund.

[Regarding mail service]
We have set the price including packing materials. It may take up to 7 days from shipment to posting.

I have a tracking number but no compensation. It becomes the post-mailing of the delivery address. As a guideline, the date of posting on the tracking service = arrival date. If you choose to do so, we will assume your consent.

For items other than hair accessories that allow you to select mail delivery as the shipping setting, it is possible to ship by mail delivery if it is one piece. Due to the system, detailed settings cannot be made, so even if there are two or more, it may be automatically mailed. If you are looking for more than 2 pieces, please choose a courier service. If only the mail service is displayed, please pay as it is and we will send you a link to pay the change fee to the courier service later.

In addition, hairpins can be bundled by mail together with clothes for which mail is set.

If you need compensation for even one item, please choose a parcel delivery service. There have also been cases of post theft. Only if you choose courier service, we will discuss compensation with the shipping company even after the item has left our store.

Items that are not set for mail delivery cannot be changed to mail delivery due to thickness.

[Regarding letter pack]

Currently, only Hair Claw and Candylab are supported. Not applicable to other items. Please note that only Letter Pack Plus is available, and Letter Pack Light is not available.

This delivery method requires a tracking number, face-to-face delivery, and a receipt stamp, but there is no compensation system. If you choose us, we will acknowledge it.

On the system, it may be displayed that you can choose letter pack other than Hair Claw and CandyLab, but even if you choose it, it will not be supported, so we will send you a link to settle the difference with the courier service later.


Mail service Nationwide ¥250

Due to the thickness limitations of the mail service, it cannot be applied to all items. Applicable items can be selected in the delivery method selection column.

Yamato Transport
Hokkaido ¥1500
Aomori/Akita/Iwate ¥990
Miyagi/Yamagata/Iwate ¥950
Kanto/Shinetsu/Kyushu ¥700
Hokuriku/Chubu/Chugoku/Shikoku ¥650
Kinki ¥600
Okinawa ¥1400

This does not apply to large items (such as very large bags).

letter pack plus
Up to 5 hair claws
Nationwide uniform ¥550

Letter pack plus is only available for hair claws . The amount includes the handling fee. If you do not agree, please select a courier service. Also, even if you have chosen the letter pack, we may change it to courier service free of charge for our convenience.

If the total amount of your order is 22,000 yen or more including tax, shipping is free. However, customers in Hokkaido and Okinawa will receive free shipping from Seino Transportation.

[Secondary disaster]

We will not accept requests for cancellation fees, etc., due to items purchased at slow. Our shop is a SHOP that sells items only, and we are not involved in shipping delays, transportation delays, or secondary disasters caused by products. We cannot accept cancellations or refunds due to this reason.

Our responsibility is until the item leaves the SHOP, and we are not responsible for any compensation including secondary damage after that.

[Regarding payment method]
Accepted payment methods are displayed at checkout.
We do not accept payment methods that cannot be selected on the screen, as there are cases where payment methods that were previously accepted have been discontinued due to many problems.

[Regarding repair]

We do not accept repairs for items that do not have a warranty system for the brand itself. Slow. cannot repair items of brands that have a repair guarantee, but we accept requests for repairs to the brand on behalf of the customer.

However, this is limited to customers who are within the warranty period specified by the brand and who can pay the round-trip international shipping fee to the brand's home country and the round-trip shipping fee to slow.

When making inquiries, please submit items that can prove the date and time of purchase at slow.

The online site we used before has been closed, so we cannot check your history on slow. unless you submit it.

Also, please note that all judgments on whether repairs or replacements are possible are made by the brand, and in some cases repairs or replacements may not be possible. In addition, there may be cases where the brand side requests that the customer contact the brand themselves without going through slow. In that case, slow. cannot get involved. We cannot provide interpretation services such as how to say in English.


Please understand that the comment about sizing is a personal feeling.

Regarding the color, we have intentionally made the image closer to the actual product, but the color is not 100% as it is.

We do not offer returns or exchanges, so please think carefully before purchasing.
Also, gift wrapping is not available at this time.

We use vinyl to prevent water from getting wet during transportation. From the perspective of SDGs, we use the minimum amount of materials. For sale items and oversized clothes, we use the vinyl that is used when the brand arrives, even if it is a regular price item.

We may post an image of the packaging when a customer purchased it on Instagram, but it is not necessarily the same. Sale items will be shipped in a plastic bag as is. Please understand that it may change depending on circumstances.

We use gmail for reply emails from slow. In rare cases, we may contact you by attaching an image. Those who are not set to receive e-mails with images from personal computers cannot receive them. Even if you do not intend to set it yourself, it may be set like that when you purchase the model. If there is no reply, we will assume that you have understood and proceed with the transaction.

You should receive a purchase completion email from the website after purchase, but if you do not receive it, there is a possibility that you entered your email address incorrectly.
Please be very careful when entering your address.