Why slow. Sells Cienta Velcro Strap Shoes

This is the first time I've tweeted about the items I handle here.

Today about Cienta's Velcro strap shoes.

The owner of slow. has quite a peculiar taste, so why is he handling the popular Cienta? Isn't it a lot of people who thought?

Certainly, Cienta is not the image of slow.🙊

But I always wanted to handle it🙈

When my daughter was very young, I had an irregular full-time job.

I liked overseas children's clothes, but I was worried that there were no shoes. ← I still worry.

Fashionable kids on Instagram seen on the train on the way home after the flight was delayed.....👀

Where are these nice shoes with a mature silhouette from? ? That's what I thought.

However, I did have a lot of followers, and the account was at the level of being an ambassador for someone else. ← Bearish.

I found Cienta by researching which brand it was and where it was sold.

Unfortunately, it was sold out everywhere and I couldn't buy it.

To be honest, I thought this SIENTA had a slightly formal impression, but the fact is that there are clothes that don't look good with sneakers.

Wearing a dress or skirt with tights and sneakers is quite difficult.

Perfect for when you want a little girly shoes.

Cropped pants are perfect for fashion that shows ankle tights. Wearing shorts or culottes for autumn and winter with tights and matching Cienta is really too cute.

In extremely cold areas, mouton boots or outdoor boa boots are good, but in normal areas, children don't need that much protection against the cold, and personally, unless they're real, boa boots aren't very well made, so I don't wear them often. I don't want it... It's a difficult task to finish the outfit stylishly.

That's why autumn and winter is already here! It's a guess.

Especially when paired with cropped pants. Cropped pants are cute, but don't you get lost in shoes?

Some of the beige colors are currently available for immediate delivery, so if you're looking for other colors, please come and have a size match.

The size of both black and brown has been limited, but if the size fits, it's now.

Click here to make a reservation.

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