About reserved items

We sell items that have been ordered by the brand or items that have been ordered by the brand as reserved items.

However, there are cases where defective products are found during transport accidents or inspections, or when the package is opened at the time of delivery to the shop and the package is not included, or the wrong color or size is included.

If it is not possible to prepare it, we will have to cancel it. Even if part of the order is canceled, we cannot accept a partial refund of the shipping cost or cancellation of the entire order.

The displayed delivery date is only a guideline, and there may be delays for various reasons in international transportation.

If the delivery date is delayed for more than one month, we will contact you, but we cannot accept cancellations due to the delay.

If the delivery date is earlier, we will ship the product without prior notice. If the package is returned because you were out during that period, it will be resent after you pay the extra shipping fee.

For new arrival items that have never arrived in the shop , the color, texture, size, etc. can only be judged by what the brand uses, and it may be different from what you thought after arrival. increase. We do not deal with brands that cannot be trusted so far, but we cannot say that they are completely absent.

In addition, if you order pre-ordered items and instant delivery items at the same time (batch shipping fee), all items will be shipped together.

We will accept your reservation after acknowledging the above.

Customers who have made a reservation will be deemed to have accepted it.