Actual size measurement method

All measurements laid flat

Tops (dress) measurement method

①If there is a shoulder seam, measure the length of the shoulder seam and the seam.

(2) The width of the armpits is a little wider than the width of the body at the seams, so the part that is roughly the width of the body a few centimeters below.

③ For items with shoulder seams, the length from the shoulder seam to the edge of the sleeve

④If there is a collar, turn it over and measure the length from the highest point of the body where the collar is sewn to the hem (If there is no collar, the point where the peak is on the border between the neckline and the shoulder) to hem).

For the one-piece, the number is the bottom hem of the skirt , not the hem around the waist in the image below.

⑩ From the armpit seam to the edge of the sleeve

For raglan sleeves, measure 3 points only for ②/④/⑩ or ⓪ above.

How to measure bottoms

⑤ The length measured by placing a three-dimensional object straight

⑥ For objects that are three-dimensional, measure straight from the seam of the crotch to the hem as shown in the image instead of following the three-dimensional object

⑦ For items with frills on the hem, measure the length to the hem including the frills (measure the side of the pants and the center of the skirt)

Pants and leggings from ⑤ to ⑦ below

Only skirts ⑤ and ⑦

Items with the above numbers written in the product description are measured based on this, but for items described in full sentences such as "shoulder width, sleeve length" instead of numbers, this measurement method is almost used. It may be different.

There is a thing which does not list the actual size. We do so at our discretion, so if you need the actual size, please contact us from the inquiry column of the online store and we will measure it. Since the feeling of size is subject to individual subjectivity, I will tell you if you are okay with personal subjectivity. However, if you have visited our store and know your child's body shape, we may be able to give you appropriate advice to some extent, but please understand that it is difficult to give advice if you have never met us.