Cienta Velour Velcro Strap shoes model 500

Cienta model 500

The actual foot size is 20 cm and this size 33 does not fit. When I put these 33 together with the 21cm no-brand ballet shoes I used to wear at school, they were exactly the same size. The Japanese agency defines 33 as 20.5cm, but it seems that it is actually about 21cm. Equally, it is larger than the Japanese size notation specified by the Japanese agency.

Please make sure that your child is wearing shoes that are 1-2cm larger than the actual size of their feet.

My daughter's actual foot size is 20cm, and she is currently wearing 22cm unbranded ballet shoes. However, I can barely fit the 21cm ballet-type indoor shoes I bought at another store that I use as gym shoes, so I imagine that the indoor shoes for gymnasium shoes are probably about 21.5cm in size. Therefore, from the above explanation, the size 33 is equivalent to 21 cm, but the 21 cm indoor shoes I was wearing before and the velor 33 will not fit even if I put my feet in, so I thought that the size 34 would be equivalent to 21.5 to 22 cm, so I chose 34. When I tried it on, it's just the right size to buy .

34 is the Japanese size 21cm determined by the Japanese agency, but the fact that 34 is just the right size means that it is at least 0.5cm or 1cm larger than the 21cm size specified by the Japanese agency. (In other words, size 34 means 21.5cm or 22cm.)

I didn't record the actual size of my daughter's feet last fall and winter, but when I saw that the 33 was a Japanese size of 20.5cm, I thought it was just right, and I thought it was a good size with a little room to spare. I couldn't wear it.

The actual size of the owner's foot is 22 cm, and European size Margiela, Manolo Blahnik, and Christian Louboutin usually wear 37, and general Japanese size shoes choose 23.5. I haven't bought US size shoes recently, but I used to buy US7. Medusa wears 38 as a preference, but 37 is also included, and 37 is just the right size. I tried on this velor 35 as a trial, and the size 35 is too tight to walk in, but I can put my feet in. Therefore, as an owner's personal feeling, I imagine that 35 is equivalent to 22.5 to 23 cm, which is smaller.

35 is 22cm in the size of Japanese distributors, but 22cm is impossible because the owner's feet can fit in it. In my experience, I could wear 23cm nude sandals, but my feet hurt when I wore them, so 22cm is out of the question. Even if you wear socks, you can still put your feet in, so no matter how you think about it, it's not 22cm, but 22.5 to 23cm, which is larger than the Japanese size listed.

When we say "larger", we mean larger than other European shoes, but larger than the Japanese size set by our Japanese distributor . It seems dangerous to judge by general European sizing.

Also, the above is an explanation of the size of velor strap shoes. Since the wooden pattern is different from other Cienta sold in our store, the shape of the insole and the length of the outsole are also different, so please do not misunderstand.

The Japanese size in cm written as Japanese size below is the Japanese size determined by the Japanese agency , and the numbers in blue letters are our own measurements for AW22 items.

official size Japanese size insole length outsole length Outsole width
twenty three 14cm 14.3cm 15cm 6.3cm
twenty four 14.5cm 15cm 16cm 6.5cm
twenty five 15cm 16cm 16.5cm 6.5cm
26 16cm 16.5cm 17cm 6.7cm
27 16.5cm 17cm 18cm 6.8cm
28 17cm 18cm 18.5cm 7cm
29 18cm 18.5cm 19cm 7.2cm
30 18.5cm 19.2cm 20cm 7.3cm
31 19cm 20cm 20.5cm 7.5cm
32 20cm 20.5cm 21cm 7.7cm
33 20.5cm 21cm 22cm 7.7cm
34 21cm 22cm 22.5cm 8cm
35 22cm 22cm 23cm 8cm