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Salt Water

+Méduse+ SUN - 2023 draft

+Méduse+ SUN - 2023 draft

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Please read this (opens in a separate page) before shopping.

MEDUSE's products comply with European standards and use 100% recyclable polymers.

It's much easier to wear than flip-flops, and you can wear it with socks for a neat look. When it's still cold, it's GOOD when paired with tights.

Recommended for those who don't want to be as casual as beach sandals.

If the strap is not tightened tightly, it can be easily put on and taken off without removing the buckle.

Due to mass production, black spots are mixed in during manufacturing and sold as is. Also, since the brand's plastic bag contains logos and patterns, the paint may adhere to the sandals.

The number of arrivals to the SHOP will be in three digits, and sales will start only with size inspection, so there may be rare cases where there are defective products (broken, not dirty). If there is no stock, we will unavoidably cancel it, but if you have purchased several items, even if some of them are canceled, we cannot refund the shipping fee by dividing it.

Example) If one of the two pairs purchased is canceled, half of the shipping fee cannot be refunded. Defective items only.

Also, the cage-like part on the instep may break while wearing. It is unavoidable due to the characteristics of the material, not a defective product. Personally, my family has been wearing several pairs every year for several years, but the children's items are worn out every year. Also, my personal items are not every year, but they are cut off.

Please be aware of this before purchasing.

The brand will deliver it in a plastic bag, so basically it will be delivered in that bag. The box is an item that is not originally included. Most of them are out of shape in many cases, but if you adjust the shape and put it in a warm room, the shape will be restored because it is made of vinyl-like material.

Please refer to the last image for the size provided by the manufacturer.

Regarding the size, please refer to the total length of your sandals and compare it with the size guide. Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

Below is the size that our shop actually measured the outsole.

Based on the customers who tried on the shoes at the store, we will refrain from displaying the Japanese size that was displayed until last year. -0.5 to -1 cm from the total length of the outsole is a rough guideline for Japanese sizes.


official size Outsole total length (cm) Approximate Japanese size (cm)
twenty three 14.5 14
twenty four 15.5 14.5
twenty five 16
26 16.5
27 17
28 18
29 18.5 18
30 19 18.5
31 19.5 19
32 20 19.5-20
33 twenty one 20.5
34 twenty two 21-21.5
35 22.5 twenty two
36 twenty three 22.5
37 twenty four 23.5
38 24.5 twenty four

For your reference.

I myself wear Japanese size 23.5cm, Manolo, Louboutin and Margiela all wear 37. This is my preference and I wear 38 size with socks with a little room. Since it is loose when barefoot, there are places where it rubs and hits. Just size 37 with bare feet. However, it is too snug when walking for a long time, and I personally prefer 38 for comfort.

The actual size of the foot is 20 cm, and the 34 size is just the right size for bare feet. There is no problem with nearby supermarkets and shopping.

Please be sure to check before shopping as there are important items regarding shipping Please read here .

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